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This was an amazing opportunity and I had an incredible team to work with. We had the smallest staff ever in the history of the Steam Ticket and it was the first time that it was assembled completely online without any in-person meetings. Through all of this, we made arguably the best issue since its inception in 1996. If not the best, it was definitely the most memorable. 


Although I was unaware of my title at the time, I was the one who formatted the journal and did proofreading. Also during that same semester, I was doing promotions work on Facebook to promote the journal and to engage with the Catalyst community. My favorite content to post were our throwback Thursday pieces because I got to explore the back catalogue of issues and learn about the history of this literary journal.

Catalyst Cover 2021_edited.jpg

Fall 2020, I spent more time with the rest of the Catalyst team and it was a joy to put together. The next semester our schedules just wouldn't align and everyone was wiped out, so I'm glad we were able to connect over this one. I spent this semester learning how to advertise and create content on Facebook, along with reading submissions, and doing some formatting. Also, I was the one to suggest this student's art piece that now graces the cover of this issue.

Catalyst Cover 2020_edited.jpg

This was my crash course on what good poetry looks like. We had a blast eating desserts while discussing the poetry submissions. I created a lot of treasured memories and expanded my knowledge of poetry since I hadn't read many poems before that. I was going to be a fiction reader, but the poetry group was short staffed so I switched groups. I've never regretted it and I love what we created together.

Steam Ticket 2020 Cover_edited_edited.jpg

An Except from my work-in-progress novel, Rose Colored Glasses, (2019)

Not only was I published, but I was also on the editorial staff for UW-Rock's Rock River Review. Unlike the previous year, the staff for this issue was a part of a class. This class made a great staff and we created another wonderful issue. For my contribution, I had a draft of my first chapter published. Rose Colored Glasses is a dystopian novel that I've been working on since 2017. I'm not including the published piece here because I'm currently tinkering with it since I've written more chapters since then.

Rock River Review 2019 Cover_edited.jpg

My first two pieces of flash fiction were published in the 2018 edition of the Rock River Review. This was my first time on a literary journal staff and I learned so much from the experience. This issue had a lot of good content and I have fond memories of our staff working together on it.

Rock River Review 2018 Cover_edited.jpg
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